Kittys thoughts
2001-08-02 06:41:26 (UTC)

I hate this!

Today has been a sucky ass day.I have to have 4 packets
done by tomorrow and i only have almost two.I know that I
am going to get dropped but I dont want to .I am to bored
with this work.I am such a fuck up! I am never going to
graduate,or have a life cuz I'm to stupid to get off my ass
and just do it.Gabe doesnt understand how hard it is for
me.Plus I have been sick lately and really tired so that
just makes it worse.And then I get an e-mail from Ty and
Gabe gets all upset(not that I blame him)I didnt think that
I would ever here from him again, but Ty is Ty.I need some
kind of help for my work to make it more fun or something.I
also need to start studing for the driving test in 2 months
but me being stupid I prolly wont end up doing it.Gabe is
so great hes eveeerything I look for in a person and he
REALLY cares about me.Sometimes I kinda feel bad for him
cuz hes with me then I think....Well he wants to be with me
and if he didnt he would have already left me.I love him so