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2002-10-11 05:17:01 (UTC)

Eat your peas

I have been busy with thought all day! Actually since last
night! This is the busiest day i have had in weeks. And
i've only been out of bed like an hour.
Last night before i watched law & order i watched an
infomercial, and thoughts occured
You know your really in trouble when you can watch half an
hour of an informercial. You know your in trouble when you
think its a reasonable product on the infomercial. Whilst
watching, i was picturing myself in a months time sitting
on the sofa, staring at the tv in the same manner which i
was, then picking up the phone and ordering stuff. It seems
very possiable.
Stupid me gave apples, my journal link last night.
Apparently "i must be bored senseless" and "this is
dribble" what the fuck did he expect? BLAH BLAH BLAH.
Last night i was hella frustrated with technology. Ben got
a new craptop, that operated in strange ways. Stupid
japanese rubbish. My brothers sony tv part has to come from
china. *nothing*
More stuff, i have to work next week, earning money and
working long hours for 3 or 4 days. Should be interesting.
At first (about 20 mins ago) i dreaded it. But now i am
almost looking forward to it. SHould be ok. Ummm
On sunday i am going boating.
People are talking about Philosophy World ending stuff.
BTW Mini, last night i was in a foul mood and i saw the
message you left for me and it cheered me up, you funny
The fat stuttering cat wont leave me alone. I am
considering roasting him for lunch. I am hungry but i have
no food. The fat cat gets annoying when he wont leave me
alone. He seems quite desperate at times. GRRRRR
I thought i had lots of things to write about, but
obviously i dont. I had an idea last night, a plot. It very
well may go ahead. But we will have to wait and see.
arrrrr sweet sweet olympic swimmers. Last night i drempt i
was in love with "matthew dunst" . Which is strange because
there is a "mathhew dun" that swims for australia. I woke
up with feelings of lust and peace. What a beautiful dream.
He had a moped. And i lost my shoes. We swapped numbers at
the start, but somehow ended up shagging. He was beautiful
*sigh* yummy. We shagged everywhere. And toward the end i
think *anal* sex was mentioned, but we didnt do that. I
kept him from his training because we were infatuated with
each other and didnt want to leave each others sides. It
was so nice to have a dream that combined love, lust and
porno. What a splendid combination. Now matthew dun will
have his very own stalker. Although in my dream mr dunst
was not very attractive, but he had wonderful quirks, which
is how i like boys. He had a slender but toned body, which
is not usually how i like them. But now i have a new desire
for skinny but toned men. Its good to broaded horizons.

"Read not to contradict & confute, Nor to believe & take
for granted, but to weigh and consider.
-- Sir Francis Bacon.

Yea i like it.

But its not hard to have a quote. You dont have to be of
high intelectual standards. For example..
"You create misery,Have your cake and eat it,Take your
place in history,And pray we don't repeat it.
I think they are equally profound. But then again i'm a

I am feeling rather insatiable after the dream.