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2001-08-02 06:40:17 (UTC)


He did it again. He is posing as my cousin, sending me
instant messages asking me if he is hung and telling me, as
if her were her, if he good in the sack. What the fuck is
his problem, and how do I get rid of him? Seriously, if I
even know where he is I think its bad for his health. I
used to go to therapy for having obsessive thoughts of
killing my exes who did me wrong in the worst possible
ways. I cannot know where he is, I am beginning to walk
down hardware isles of stored checking out the hacksaws and
hatchets. This is not good for either one of us. I had an
ex who raped me after we were split up. It took me 6
fucking years to get him out of my mind, to be able to not
have to look over my shoulder with fear. Now I feel as if I
am reverting back to 5 years ago in therapy. Damn him for
ever comming into my life.