Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
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2001-01-24 11:04:10 (UTC)

Hey, I m having a bit of a..


I'm having a bit of a shite day actually.

Yesterday was ok. I went singing! Hez is keen to do Black
Velvet and Kiss me, which is cool. Although he's not so
keen about doing DOn't it make my brown eyes blue, which is
a shame. And I need to get hold of Tim to get the music to
get Here and how could an angel. Dam him being sooooo busy!

I'm in a bit of a mood today. I felt really fat last nite
so I started my diet afresh. I wana look good for the
valentines ball. Although the person I was hopefully guna
pull there has apparently got bak with his girlfriend, so
that a bugger ain't it! ALthough, I shouldn't be thinking
like that. I supposedly have Chris, although it doesn't
feel that way most of the time. I look so darn crap today.
Oh well, some days you have it, others you don't. Although
I mostly don't.

Orchestra was moved to Friday. thats a bugger coz I was
lookin foward to it being 2nite. Oh well...oh that reminds
me...I gota creep to Ben and get him to play for me....

C u 2moz


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