Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2002-10-11 03:07:06 (UTC)

so call the doctor

Goofed during the day, then went to work late in the
afternoon--all about 2 1/2 hours, then swung by the church,
to exchange cars with the wife, who was there for a boy
scout meeting with our son. As I was driving home, the
heavy dark clouds overhead finally flashed with lightning
and let out a downpour--it was just starting to get dark.
For some reason, the entire experience left me in a weird

Off work, and stayed home and helped with the domestic
chores herein, and also heavily goofed on the 'puter, and
the net, and the crazy nonsensical chatrooms...

My Life in the Chatrooms
1. Intriguing. There were many people from all across the
globe that were there...
2. Would talking to people be considered a waste of time?
I don't know, but I sure spent a lot of time doing just
3. Kept updating, and changing, my profile, and my font,
to better reflect how I wanted to appear to everyone else

For some reason, the whole chat experience had left me
dazed and confused, and wanting to talk with a
psychiatrist, because I am hardly ever (try never) around
people at home, especially 12-13 year olds; older single
and married persons that are students, or workers, or just
trying to have "fun" online...; and the distant foreigners
from Egypt, Pakistan, Norway, and Hong Kong...(to name a

It is a strangely unique experience, and also an addicting
one, because I am not really given the opportunity to make
an ass out of myself in real life, mainly because the only
time I am out is when I am at work, so this is such a great
outlet to experiment, and also to explore further about how
this "interconnectedness of consciousnesses" can help me
open to new experiences....that, or i am only regressing to
an earlier form of immaturity, all of which I haven't
figured out yet......... Well, it's 10pm, and I am
wondering what kind of trouble I'll find in the rooms
tonight...only one way to find out.....

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