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2002-10-11 03:04:29 (UTC)


today was a rainy day i thought i was going to have a
horrible day! it didn't turn out so bad... my ex
girlfriend LaCi and i talked all day today. she even
picked me up from work and we went riding around (her
boyfriend and michelle H. was with us). laci said this
morning she was going to break up with shawn and i should
go back out with her but i think she was joking. i dunno.
so we went driving and it kind of made me a little upset
that she would bring her boyfriend... i have a boyfriend
too he is more like a bestfriend. i really dont want to go
out with him anymore, i want to start dating girls...
really i just want laci. she got a new car a few days
ago. she was driving a white convertible camaro but now
shes driving a green malibu. well im sleepy...

Courtney Nicole

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