Visions Of Life
2002-10-10 23:35:55 (UTC)

All is wonderful once again. He..

All is wonderful once again. He is home and we have been
talking about eloping and our future. Iam so happy. And so
so high. And so sexually satisfied. Life is grand.

There is acertain person who I hope is readingthis. Someone
I thought was my friend butis just a fucking whining little
pussy. I hope you kill yourself or maybe something horrib;e
will happen to you. You had no right to talk shit. Just
because you are jealous doesnt give you the right to be a
fucking prick. Go to hell you small dicked pathetic,
whining, 28 year old virgin. You were a waste of my time.
Im sorry I ever met you and I hope you spend the rest of
your life lonely and miserable.