poetic bleeder

life's book
2001-08-02 04:51:29 (UTC)

well blah

I had to just end the last one 'cause my grand mother
wanted the phone. And now I lost my train of thought. Oh
well. what else can I say??? I'm way depressed, whether I
admit it or not I'm addicted to the net. I have very few rl
friends and they are growing apart from me. it's 12:30 am
and I hafta get up at 6 am fer school. I wanna be a
teacher/writer but I just don't think I'm good enough. I am
hoping for feed back on me but have a feeling I will get
none. I feel so alone some times!! I mean I'm not really my
grandparants try to be there and so does my mom and some of
my net friends and my teachers etc etc.... but NO ONE
understands!!! they don't understand why I make my self
look like a boy and still like boys. oookaaay.... I think I
better explain that.... see the thing is I like gay and bi
guys so I dress like a guy and go to these all guy clubs
even though I am a girl... but i can't actauly have a
relationship 'cause then they'd find out the truth. *sigh*
oh well.

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