Dark Thoughts
2001-08-02 04:45:51 (UTC)

feelin good

well, today was interesting. woke up at 3pm, found out that
we got the damn virus that was on the news last night, but
our comp is now fixed, discovered that the house next door
is no longer in our name, thank god. my brother and his fam
came over this evening. Geoffrey, my nephew, fell and hit
his chin on our coffee table and bit a hunk outta his lip.
is it just me, or are kids faces drawn to coffee tables and
sharp objects? oh well, he lived, nothing big. and my
brother scared the pee outta me while i was cleaning my
room. i was just standing on my bed taking nails outta the
wall when he yells behind my back and i just about kill
myself. come to find out he had been standing there for
5min :P lol
my dad gave me some CDs to burn on so i will quit using his
special ones. it's not my fault i was using the CDs in the
nicely wrapped cases and not the CDs in the round plastic
thingy! oh well, he wasn't mad though.
i started packing for vaca tonight, it's coming along
pretty good. half way through packing i got bored and
started cleaning my room, more like rearranging it
actually. i've been listening to a CD i burned myself all
night. it's called 'classic rock mix' and has, what else,
all classic rock. everything from blue oyster cult-
foreigner. right now i'm listening to 'poison' by alice
cooper, one of my all time favs.
my sis-in-law discovered, while she was letting Geoff see
my finches, that they laid another egg :) now they have 2
eggs! i'm so proud hehe. after the 3 one, they should stop
for this clutch. they have about 2 or 3 clutches a year. i
plan on selling the young, and giving one to my friend.
i worked up enough energy today to take a shower. yea, i
know, it's nasty, but when it's summer, and you ain't got
no reason to take one, plus you're too lazy, it ain't gonna
happen. i think this was my first shower in like the past 4
days :P my mom happened to peel my fav jeans off me, so now
i'm wearing another pair.
damit.. there was something i was gonna say but i forgot.
gggggrrrrrrrrrrr!! i HATE when that happens :( oh well.
i'll post it later if i remember it. i'm out
WEARING: jeans, yellow shirt
FEELING: great, hyper, and happy, yea, scarey mix i know