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2001-08-02 04:41:26 (UTC)

Snack break

I am on a snack break.

Yes, today I'm a working girl. Dad asked me to help out at
the store. Just odd jobs, like ripping the covers off
paperbacks that have to be returned to the publisher (some
strange bookstore custom, I guess) and picking up books
that kids drop on the floor.

I'm glad I don't officially work for Dad. He's a terrible
boss. Doesn't really tell you what to do, and then, if you
don't do what he had in mind, he yells at you.

At least that what he does to me.

So right now I'm hiding from him in the Parenting section.
I found a book called 20,001 Names for Baby, which gives
the definition for every name you could possibly think of.
I looked up Carson. It means "son of marsh dwellers."

I guess some things are better left unknown.

Whose Carson? He's this guy I met at the beach. Totally
wild, free, and not to mention hot.

Okay, time for a book review.

I discovered that Dad carries On the Road in the
autobiography section. It's one of his favorite books,
which raises him a notch on the coolness meter (and almost
makes up for his crankiness today). I can see why Carson
likes this book. The author, Jack Kerouac, simply took off
with friends, traveled across the country, and had
adventures. His style is weird, and you have to read
certain paragraphs about four times to understand them. But
the language has this incredible rhythm. It hypnotizes you.

I wish I knew where to find Carson, so we could talk about
the book. (And give it an official two thumbs-up.)


Oops. A fresh batch of board books has landed on aisle 6.
Time to clean up.

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