Electric monkey
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2001-08-02 04:39:30 (UTC)

would you like to go camping or go camping?

im going camping some more this weekend! seems like thats
all i do, but its really nice, so i dont mind. Jessica and
i are camping fools. =P camp camp camp. woowee!
Im in a semi-good mood at them moment.. nothing has been
bad for a while.. ive been in my house, in my room. learned
how to play Time of your Life on Guitar... taught myself.
i wish next weekend would hurry and get here... jessica and
i are going to cedar point. cant wait. i love that place so
much. so camping this weekend, then we're going to cedar
point! wow! lots of fun stuff.
so i think im going to leave this short. i thought i was in
the mood to write, but i guess not. see ya.