my deranged lyfe
2002-10-10 22:58:11 (UTC)

my hippopatomus has three toes

hey. so ya today was pretty weird. i did ok on my odyssey
test. 35/40. anyway b4 school i had the hugest fite with my
parents over nothing and the rest of the day was great. its
like wenever i have a bad morning i have a great day. or
maybe it was just b/c i had a great hair day...and cookies
and dt coke for lunch. haha. during lunch this asshole
sprayed shaving cream all over my friend and her bf. they
were so pissed. darin had a ton on him and jess had like
barely any but it was kinda funny. ummm. o ya. chad came
over and we hung out. hes outside rite now. he came over
with jeff and scott. theyre skating round the
driveway...god i missed him so much. alrite my stepdads
getting pretty pissed at them so i better save them. ps:
scott lost a lot of weight since i last saw him... hahah.
not too bad looking now. lol. alrite. lata