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2000-10-30 22:24:23 (UTC)

Dear Diary, October..

Dear Diary, October 30,2000
Hey, not to much has happened. School today. It sucked. Me and
Adam are fighting. He called me a BITCH! Whatever if he thinks I'm a
bitch he hasn't seen anything yet! He told me that he wishes I would
get hit by a bus and that he wishes he was the driver. I don't even
know what I did to deserve this. and to top it all off he has to make
fun of my height! I hate that. Yeah I'm short, I know, but you don't
have to go and rub it in my face! Whatever! Anyhoo.. I don't know
what's going on with Chris and I. I mean, yeah I like him..alot. But
I barely know him! I just want to go up to him one day and give him
my number and tell hi hey, if ya wanna hook up sometime here's my
number. But i'm too much of a chicken shit to do that. I dunno. It's
weird. And i still can't belive that Kate and Jeff had sex. It's
official. I'm the only virgin lift out of all my friends. pathic, i
mean i want to do it and everything, but want it to be special. It
sounds corny and all but a bunch of my friends say they regret there
first time because it was just "okay lets get it over with." and I
don't want that. I want it to be something that I'm always going to
remember and for it to be with someone I love more then life it's
self. Anyhoo.. enough about my sex life(non existant) I dunno.. umm..
Mrs. Twiss is so cool. We were playing around on her computer with
the photo shop thingy and we were making people in the photos have
big butts and big boobs it was wicked funny. Chris was there for have
the class. :-) I can't belive I like a freshman. I mean yeah I'm only
in 10th grade but still. He's a freshmen! But DAMN! He's a hottie. he
can dance. he's sweet. and I LOVE his eyes! :) I can't help myself.
Katrice said that he liked me. So maybe when December rolls around
and if were closer he will ask me to the Semi Formal. That would be
sooo awesome! Anyhoo.. well i gotta go.. toddles


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