2001-08-02 04:22:49 (UTC)

Boring to Best in One Question

So, here I am, writing my first journal. I've never kept a
journal online, or on paper before, but now I have a
reason. Untill Monday I had a really boring summer, no
late parties, no long days at the beach, but that has all
changed, thanks to Christine. The funniest, most
understanding, and easy to get along with girl I know; and
the best part is she said she'd go out with me. Who knew
answering one question in the right way could make someome
feel so good. I never even thought she'd really say yes.
I though, "geeze, why would she go out with me, I don't
even have a full drivers lisence yet, or a car that works
properly." Luckily I got the guts to ask her out over an
instant message conversation --not the most romantic ways,
but it worked.

Now I cant stop thinking how lucky I am that to have
my "little brown eyed girl."