I never wanted a desk job...
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2002-10-10 21:43:10 (UTC)

First entry!

A co-worker turned me on to the online diary idea
today...he goes through a website that requires fundage,
though. Sorry, I'm a cheapskate, so here I am.

Who am I? I am a 24-year old college graduate who is not
using her degree, I am now a corporate whore. I admit,
most of this page will probably be dedicated to my rantings
and ravings about how I do not like being a corporate
whore, so DEAL WITH IT!

I have one bright spot though, and that is my boyfriend, M
(yes I'm remaining annonymous). We've been living together
for almost a year and a half now. No, he can't make up his
mind as to if he wants to get married or not (he's a
divorcee with two beautiful girls), but I try not to think
about that and just enjoy the moment. We have a lot of fun
together, and just thinking about him boosts my mood.

That's just a little intro about me, so enough for today.
I'll start my ranting tomorrow as soon as something irks me
(that usually takes less than three minutes...)


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