The many thoughts of Ann
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2001-08-02 04:10:55 (UTC)


well i got my pic's from camp back today ( pics of jeff!!!)
i was so excited. he looks soooo hot in a few of them which
is good cuz i can remember him better now, i am over the
thing about him not wanting to talk to me. the last few
times i didn;t notice him come online and he said hi to me
first which was nice and made me rather happy. Dustin looks
so funny in a couple of them (well all the ones he is in)
and rob is in as many pics as he could be in!!! (he loves
being hin them!!!) and i am soooo happy cuz i asked my dad
if i could go to utah (snowbird) for march break for a ski
trip with him and he said yes!!!!! ( Dustin mark and Robb
ski there so i might be able to see them!!!!) i can only
see them if they are around though and i hope they are cuz
i really would love to see them. anyways, me and jen went
to a baseball game tonight and the jays won!!!!! wow i was
so happy for them. cuz they haven't been doing so well the
last little while. that was a lot of fun. its fun being
alone downtown anyway!!! but ya so i have to talk to mattie
and tell him we cant go to wonderland but goto a movie
instead with michelle and him and jen . hope he is aloud!!!
i'll write again