Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2002-10-10 21:31:44 (UTC)

Have you Ever?

Yeah, it's that time again...

Another Survey filled out by yours truly..

Ripped off and stolen from the web...

Or another diary...

Whichever, came first...



Have you ever...

Gone out in public in your PJ's? No, but I used to go out
in shorts in the middle of winter with rabbit slippers...

Set any body part on fire for amusement? Uhm, do jeans

Been sent home from school because it was raining? Does it
count if I set off the sprinklers?

Had an imaginary friend? Yeah fuckface, me...

Wanted to date friend? I don't think I've ever not dated a

Cried during a movie? Yeah, about 6 different movies..

Ever owned a New Kids on the Block tape? Only to burn it.

Planned a week based on the TV guide? Hell, I plan the
entire season of enterprise, farscape, buffy, angel,
roswell and the west wing around my weeks..

Prank called someone? Malicious or otherwise?

Been on stage? Yeah, Hamlet, Othello, Mac(fucking shit)Beth,
A bunch of others...

Been in a car accident? 4 times, crashed because terry
grabbed the wheel while I was showing off in my 72 Nova
during winter, rammed into a mini van with my rabbit
convertable, totaled my first and only used 1991 Porsche
911 the first week I had it, and flipped over my Jeep in a
ditch, toasting the axles and the suspension systems...


Shampoo: Yeah, whatever smells like Vanilla

Color: Black, Green and more black

Online smiley: :)

Drink: Pepsi, and water

Snack: Pizza

Candy: KitKat

Food: Italian, Japanese

Do you have a...

Girlfriend: No, not really, she just comes over and we fuck

Best Friend: Yes, 3 of them

Sports Hero: I hate sports

Crush: Yeah, but she has a boi friend

Secret Admirer: HAH! I wish

Job: Yes

Pet: two cats, Maus & Inky

In the past week, have you...

Cut your hair? Two weeks ago.. too damned short

Cried? Yeah, about 5 years ago, uh, cept that movie...

Been mean? Yes, Fuckface

Been sarcastic? What the fuck do you think?

Been happy? Not really

Met anyone new? No

Talked to someone you have a crush on? Yeah, but again,
she's taken, and I can't steal someone from someone else
whom you've never met

Missed someone? yes

Hugged someone? not lately

Told a stupid joke? no

Fought with your parents? every fucking day, then I
learned, if I don't call, I don't have to talk to them,
then that means, I don't get into fights

Wished on a star? Yes

Laughed until you cried? No

Watched a sunset/sunrise? No

Spent quality time alone? no

Read a book for fun? Yeah, The Prince

Are you...

Lonely: all the time

Happy: no, all the time

Tired: yeah, all the time

Smiling: no

Wearing PJ's: No.

Talking to someone online: no

Picking your nose: no, did last week sometime

Do you...

Believe in love? yes

believe in your friends? yes, the few I have left.

God/Devil: If you believe in one, the other has to exist,
so I choose not to believe in either... Besides, Loki
wouldn't like me...

The closet monster? He's on the crack I found last week in
the park

The Big Bang Theory? Shya, I am anthropologist... well,

When did you shower last? Yesterday morning..

What are you...

Listening to? Mixed Cd of Switchblade Symophony, Nick Cave,
Siouxie & the banshee's, Sting, Enya and Loreena Mckennit

Looking at? a naked woman, oh wait, sorry, that was earlier
this afternoon...

Smelling: the stench of computer ozone

Tasting: My Goddess of the Sky

What is...

The last four digits in your number: 1906

Your Height: 5'9" 3/4's

Weight: 229lbs

Shoe size: 12

Eye color: Hazel Green (Jade)

Hair color: Auburn Brown

What makes you happy? Money, thats why they call it money

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? No, used to

Are you to shy to ask someone out? sigh, yes

Kiss on first date? Yeah, I wish

Sex on first date? I would, but first I'd have to be on a

Are you a virgin? Yes, I have never been entered by man ;)

If not, do you wish you were? Heh, heh

What do you notice first about someone? Eyes, lips, kinetic

Favorite female body part? All of them...

Do you ever talk to yourself? Yeah, I have great
conversations with myself. why only the other day...

Do you sing in the shower? No

Are you any good? No

Do you watch reality shows? No, If I wanted reality, I
would walk outside..

Do you watch soap operas? Yeah, they are so funny and sad
at the same time...

Did you have fun with this survey? It had it's moments.