American Spirit
2001-08-02 04:07:53 (UTC)

that's life

I thought maybe i was dying. this pain in my back which
only teased through the day became so strong i couldn't
sleep at night. Not even tight arms around me could heal
it. I felt sick, and in pain. And i was glad i had
someone to hold me cause being alone would have ruined me.
I worked two days last week and i actually feel bad about
it. But when you wake up after 2 hours of sleep hurting
like someone had stabbed you through the kidney, working
with children is the last thing on your mind. Really, i do
love my job. I love my raise though i haven't seen it
yet. I love the kids. I love the moms of the kids. I
love all the staff. I just love. And i miss my best
friend so badly and am very excited to see her again. And
i can't wait untill she comes but i need to know when she
is comming cause i don't want to miss her. I want to have
a party. But no one would show. no one important that
is. actually everyone important would show but in my life,
that's not a lot of people. What i really want is to go to
a party meet my friend there and have us both remember why
we hate parties and go to denny's and talk all night like
we did the first time. I want to write short stories again
with her and maybe even sing the song game cause i know she
would play that with me. No one else will. They all hate
it now. hate's a very strong word they just won't try it.
My ex boy is needy and i find that more often than not i am
being forced to spend more emotional time with him than i
do my current one. how obnoxious. Sometimes i just want
to slap him. but that's life. well, i don't know i can't
wait for friday, i want two healthy days off for once.