Sweet Nitemares
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2002-10-10 21:27:47 (UTC)


Well this is the first of many entries and I do it on the
day after my best friends birth of her baby boy. I heard I
might be an God parent to it so that would be kewl.
Jonathan James is his name born on 10/9/02 to his beautiful
mom Yvonne...

Its so weird to think that not even out of high school one
of my friends has an child. but i am sure she will do well
in being an parent and caring for it. and her family backs
her quite well. The only thing is the father... he doesn't
seem to be the most stable person in the world but, he
deserves an chance to be in the babies life ... weather he
takes it or not is up to him though. I hope he does.

hmm, not sure what else to write... guess I will babble
abit... My name is Lisa... but with that being such an
normal name in my school the ppl around me had to figure
out an way to seperate us so I am Lisa Lou... ya'll can
call me Lou if you wish that is if anyone replys or reads
this. I am 18. and 1 of 2 black people in my school . I
live in a small farming community in Iowa. heh, not much
more i can say about that *s*. I am 5'9 , dark brown eyes,
long curly black hair that has red streaks in it right

Interests... I love to write storys, poetry, and stuff like
that. I am an band nerd... I play the baritone and
trombone and dabble in some other insturments... I also
sing. I don't know how good i am but i do it anyway until
someone complains *lol* . I am a major theater/drama
person... love the stage the power of it and what not. I
do speech and get one ratings in it i have also gone to all-
state once and intend on to again this year.

I know deep down i love what i do and that i am good at
what i do which may sound like an ego but really i don't
think i am fantastic and i don't do it for the recognition
I do it for the love of it. but this year it seems i have
been slipping because i am bored with it all but mostly

i am sick of the people... they are all the same year in
and out... complaining about things they can't change or
they can and just won't do the action that will change it.
I am also aware that i am complaning about them... but
trust me these ppl i am surrounded by don't go unoticed i
tell them what i think everytime ... they still won't
change anything... i've pretty much given up on trying to
talk to them... anyway... I think that is enough for now...

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