the ups and downs of my life
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2002-10-10 21:01:42 (UTC)

i need some feedback on this please

welll..nothng exciting today...i have a bio test tomoorow
and i hope i do good. theres a lot of esays to memorize.
i got a progress report today and i have an 88.3 in
englsih....its ok iguess i was hoping to atleast get a
92. the highest grade i have gotten in that class is a
92. its my own fault thought i dont take time to study so
thats wat i need to start doing.

wel im bored..were going to boscovs today ...maybe...

give me some feed back on this cousin lives
about 30-40 mins away and me and her are pretty close for
being so far away from eachother. and well everywekkend i
try to make plans with her she is always doing stuff with
either her b/f or her bff. and even on weekends i cant do
anything with her she is still busy. it sucks. what
should i do should i just forget about it and just see her
at fam events or should i keep on trying. and the prob is
if i say well not this weekend next weekend she would be
like well i dont kow what im doing yet and then she makes
plans the following week. u would think she would figure
out i wanna hang with her.