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2002-10-10 20:44:48 (UTC)

what a dreary day

I think Im on the verge of depression! See I really like my
Matt, but for science I'm in a group of weird girls that
don't work and only talk. And all the people I hang out
with are all with him and flirting like crazy, and Im
getting mad jelous! I really really like him and I don't
know why but he feels really special. I was sooo pissed off
I went to the girls room and cried. Ok well my annoying
brother is making me get off now, so I'll write
later...gotta go see me fish (Albert) Maybe he will remind
me of matt

ok back.

I am soooo sore from doing lyrical last night. BARWORK IS EVIL! Ouch..
We are doing a song called Spark by Tori Amos. Everyone download it!
Its the best song ever! Its really sad because its about her husband
leaving her because she will miscarry all of her babies. Its sooo
sad! The lyrics are very poetic, so its a bit hard to make sense of.

I found myself day dreaming a lot lately, which sucks because my
teachers will call on me and I don't know the answer cause Im out in
space! I also found myself writting LIFE SUCKS on the foggy bus
window. I wonder whats my problem? I hope tomorrow is better. Hope.

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