All in the Night
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2001-08-02 03:11:58 (UTC)

IM's drive me CRAZY!!

Omg, i hate it! I get online and it's like i get attacked
by IM's. I mean yeah, i can block all the people on my
buddy list but they all have different names and IM me
anyways! Drives me carzy!!!!!!!!! Speaking of driving me
crazy, Andre is. He keeps pleading with me to call him and
it's like midnight or something....can we say pissed
parents?! But i still love him any way. Omg, i went into my lovely
place of employment (haha, like i'd ever think of Old Navy as a
lovely place) and almost got myself killed today. I was tlkaing to
this girl that works there about my night out with Chad a few
days ago and i didn't realize that Amanda was like 2 feet
away. I hope that she didn't hear me, she'll kill me if
she did. Agh, i'm out.

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