Inside Me
2002-10-10 14:37:34 (UTC)

Hummmm, and sigh

Well this morning, no one woke me up, but its ok, I guess
they thought I wanted to sleep or something. I woke up and
didn't feel all that wll at all, still kinda don't, and
they may be because Ren and I split a large pizza evenly,
like four pieces each, dude! I'm going home today between
4:00 and 4:30, at least thats what my dad said anyways. The
rest of last night was ok, and people asked me, hey we've
seen you around a lot, are you going here now, and the RA
guy ever so often looked at me, and then last night in a
room full of people he came over to see who I was, and why
I was there, he didn't seem like a scarey but anyways,
after that Ren and I left. I didn't want to talk to any of
the other guys, and thank goodness the RA wasn't creepy,
but its weird, he reminds me of someone, but I don't know
who, like his face, wait, not to be mean to him or
anything, but he looks like he could be tiff's twin
brother, I"m serious. Ha! Anyways, the rest of the night I
was just sitting on their sofa, and Becky, put in, leagaly
blond, it wasn't too bad actually, not like I thought it
would be. Hummmmm, oh last night, I could not to stop
thinking, and feeling really sad and confused, and I really
wanted to run up to someone when i see them again and give
them a big hug. Oh my word! That movie Ren and I
watched, "A walk to remember" Oh my word! Would you believe
she cried herself a headache, and yes, I let a co uple
tears slip myself. Oh hummm, well I don't know what we'll
be up to today, not much I"m sure. Take care, everyone!