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2002-10-10 14:14:15 (UTC)

Wednesday & Thursday!

So wednesday alls i did was have an imense amount of
classes... woo hoo. plus max brought my cell phhone back
to me so i am happy... Sara cleaned up while i was at
class and made my bed again.. SHES NUTZ... well we went
down to Ryan's room and watched monsters inc. again.. haha
im such a loser, I PICKED IT OUT! but anyways sara and i
came back to our room and proceeded to go NUTZ! we were
dancing around banging chairs on the ground and singing to
random people on line.. we also laughed for like an hour
about Malyssa's stupid Hellen Keller joke! Then we
remembered songs we sang in chorus while we were growing
up... "OH solitary snow flake, so fragile and so
smalllllllllll." haha it was awesome.. we had basically
one down from each year damn we rock.....

I dont know what to do anymore.. I am going home for the
weekend, and i just want things to go smoothly. i just
wanna drink and smoke with the people that i love! which
is alot of people. but i've spent so much time fucking up
the friendships ive had, that it might be nearly
impossible to do so...

*To that person I offended* In no way did i mean to offend
you. The other night when i was fighting with that person
that told you that i was talking shit, i was just really
angry and upset. and that doesnt justify it but heres my
apology. and I actually really havent judged you, i just
told him what i had heard. And If that makes me terrible,
then i really dont mind. Because i dont know what to do
anymore. I obviously dont hate you, because i remember
picking up you and your two friends in the middle of the
night.. If i didnt like you i woulda been like,,, ehh
scrwe it... well anyways theres my apology.. take it or
leave it, its your call

Thursday- I have to work from 11-4, then i have class from
4-5.. When i come home i have to start studying for psych
exam, and then i have to probobly party a whole lot
depending on what we can find to do... so....

So we ended up smoking a blunt with Malyssa's friend jamie and
jackie.. then we went to Mike D's place and played beer pong, and
drank a bit.... it was hysterical cause i was so stooned.. then we
went to Max's.. and watched 40 days and 40 nights, i kept calling it
48 days.. ha anyways Josh harnett is hott... I fell alseep for a
while.. then i got woken up and we had to walk all the way back to
towers~~ ahh.. but it was a great night..

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