Bipolar - Fucked up
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2001-08-02 02:52:18 (UTC)


im so sad. i think i lost him. and all over a stupid kiss,
i mean i guess we are semi talking but thats it. jen called
him, and he made it sound like the reason he was mad about
me kissing the guy even though we werent going out was b/c
he liked me... hes like well i got mad cause she came with
me, and i thought she was there with me, but hes not my bf
so i thought it was ok. it made it seemed like he liked me,
and then when i called him like he said i could call him
whenever i wanted i called tonight and kristen his ex-
girlfriend or maybe even girlfriend now called, and i dont
know what to say. so i didnt say much at all. im so
confused about how he feels. someone please help. sencerly-