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2001-08-02 02:44:20 (UTC)

Umm... Missin My Baby Cakes... hehe!!!

Well... Lets see here... I have only wrote in this ting
like one time... and... well i dunno... hehe!!! I am just
in a really good mood... !!! I haven't got to talk to my
b/f denny... in like 2 whole dayz.. and it is just killin
me... hehe!!! I like him so much... and he is like one of
those macho and he just says the sweetest things
to we are gonna be together forever and stuff
like that... he is just the sweetest!!! I love him so
much.. I just wanna be w/ him every morning... every
afternoon...and every night...hehe I think about him all
the!!! I dunno whe is wrong w/ me...hehe!!! And
well his birthday is next month... or shall i say this
month... and i wanted to get him a nice and new fossik
watch... but the one i wanna get him is like $85... and I
don't think I will have that much money by the time his
bday gets here...!!!So that just bites big time...!!! But I
have been puttin together a whole bunch of stuff like
pictures and poems and that sort of thang... and I am gonna
make a scrapbook of us and give it to him...and then we can
keep on addin stuff to it and everything... i think that it
is a good idea... but i dunno if he will like it... I dunno
if guyz like gettin that kinda stuff... so I dunno if I
would wanna give him that or not... So I need some advice
from some guyz... if ya could just reply to this and help
me out a little bit...Perty Perty Plz.... w/ bright red
cherries on top...hehe I mean I oculd alwayz get him a fox
racing hat to go w/ it... But I wanna do something that he
will alwayz remember for his birthday... hehe!!! I love him
so much!!! and I just want the best for him and want him to
like what i get him... It is something that we could keep
on adding to and somethin that would mean a lot!!! Just PLZ
help... seriously... I dunno if he would like it or not...
Just plz help!!!Thanx a bunch... Luv yall!!! hehe!!!

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