Jess's Journal
2002-10-10 11:11:58 (UTC)


yeah i can't come up with good titles...so sue me... i have
no fricken clue what i'm gonna end up doing this weekend..
cept saturday...i getta teach a group of preschoolers- all
boys lucky me-- about God. It's a sunday school thing.. i'm
getting an A in all my classes cept Hon.Eng.11. that's a
whole different story. yeah well tomorrow i have to wake up
extra early cuz my friend actually gets to take the car to
school so i have to go keep her company. but hey that's what
friends are for. you know what..it hurts me to know someone
who's hurting and know i can't help them. it's like u would
do everything to take their pain away but they won't let
you. it hurts a lot.