le soleil et la lune
2001-08-02 02:38:24 (UTC)

So sad

I decided that I was going to go on a boy sabatacle,
meaning that I wouldn't be DATING boys, not that they would
all stop talking to me for some reason.
I really miss talking to Cory. I mean, he isn't even
responding to my e-mails any more, and I don't recall doing
anything terribly bad to him. I wanted to do something
with him before school started, you know, just chillin,
like for instance if Tiffani and I went to his grandparents
restaurant tomorrow, but I don't know if that would be
weird or not.
Oh, and on Monday I FINALLY got an interview with Old NAvy
after how long? I was so excited and extremely nervous. I
was the first of 4 interviews. I figured that Chris, the
manager, would recognize me as the bum who is always around
distracting his employees, and would just do the basics
with the interview. However, it lasted about 20-25
minutes, and he talked like he was going to hire me. When
I left he game me a phone interview to do, and according to
all the Old Navy people I talked to, that meant I was
pretty much guaranteed a job. I still had to wait for the
official call the next day. It never came. I was home
until about 6:30 that day, so I answered every beep and
every call. I know I didn't miss it. I hope that I didn't
miss out on this job b/c I said I wouldn't be available to
work Friday's due to band, b/c I'm fairly sure the band
thing isn't going to happen. I just don't have enough time
to practice. If I had started at the beginning of the
summer I would've stayed with it, but I started with 10
days till the start of school, and until yesterday, I'd
never even made a noise on a mellophone.
So that is all for now. After 2 really long entries today
my fingers are about to FALL OFF!
PS I helped fix dinner for the residents of WCHC today,
which is my new, ocassional job.
OH, on the happy side, Carl and David sent me an e-mail
saying that they were going to stop all communication with
me and my friends. Hopefully they'll actually stick to
that, and they'll also leave our property alone.