Pure Belligerence
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2001-08-02 02:22:11 (UTC)

*La la la my first day of "work"*

Today i had my job orientation.... if i havent said it
before..... (i know i have... many times at that) this is
my first job. The guy, bill, is really nice.. cute too....
but roxy says everyone thinks hes gay.... which i think is
unfair to say.... just because his voice is a tad bit
high. So that went on from 10 to 1.... and then me and
alicia walked to town (which is about a 5th of a mile from
big y.... not far at all) and we saw jurasic park.... then
went to drivers ed (i think iv convinced her to come with
me for the rest) and then thats all. fun day huh? I didnt
even do anything but sit on my ass for a few hours and got
paid for it. So this is the real world huh? I think i'll