I have become comfortably numb
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2002-10-10 05:56:42 (UTC)


Soft words of a battered woman
A smile upon this face
Tears of Joy I cry
Of a love that has replaced
The agony of decite
The tortue of my pain
You've opened up my heart and soul
You've brought me to life again
My past consists of misunderstood
And left unattended hopes and dreams
Sentenced to my corner of the world
I saw life through the window of a glimpse
I tried to crawl to the hourglass
The sand was gettin slim
My life was almost up
The light was gettin dim
Just when I thought there was no hope
And I was shorted out and done
You came and picked my charred remains
Up off of the floor
You gave me a taste of your love
And I kept on drinkin more
The addiction of you is now
Runnin through the veins
That I aimed to cut before
With you in my life
There is nothing I need
Nothin I could ever want that could be
Anything more
You have given me something
That no ones ever has and thats
Something that is true
So from now on nothing else matters
Except for me and you!

Love Ya's