files of the weenie kid
2002-10-10 05:41:16 (UTC)

I just don't know.

Man, i can't figure myself out, I can't even tell what my
own feelings are. But I promise, as soon as I figure it all
out, I'll let you know.
I got to talk to Vanessa tonight! Whenever I get to see
her, I will talk to her about it, she's the only one I can
tell ALL the details to... so if I can't understand myself
by then, I'll make a decision when I see her. Sound good? I
hope so. But i really wish I knew who the hell i liked. ya
So right now it's a contest between numbers 1 and
3....number 2 still has a chance to win the race, but
doesn't really seem to be running it right now, if you know
what i mean. So that's where I stand, as far as I know.
Unless some other guy that is better than all of them comes
along and says that he likes me....but that's not too
likely to be happening, now is it? Didn't think so... Well,
I guess I'm' just gonna hit the good ole haysack now, cos
I'm extremely tired mamas. Goodnight.