le soleil et la lune
2001-08-02 02:20:31 (UTC)

7 years of fighting

This entry is going to be devoted mostly to the stupidity
of my mom and my step-dad. See, earlier this summer they
were fighting(not unusual), and my step-dad was drunk(also
not unusual), and after they were done my step-dad went out
and went on a $2000 drug binge, all of which was spent in
the span of a week. As a result of this, and the lies that
were told during this time, my mother is having problems
trusting him, which is completely understandable. But the
fact is that she was really trying, and supposedly he was
too. They were even going to go to the beach this weekend
to spend some time alone and try and fix their relationship
of over seven years. I was happy, I was going to have CJ
and Tiffani come spend the night, and I wasn't going to
have to worry about Wyman embarassing me, or sleeping
arrangements, or annoying younger siblings. However, my
mom tends to cause a fuss over little things that a person
in a normal relationship would ignore. The cell phone bill
came in and said that 295 minutes had been used. Mom
wanted to see the bill b/c there was no way that all that
time was spent talking to us. HOwever, Wyman grabbed the
bill, tore it up, and burned it. So now my mom is
convinced he's hiding something. Today's fight started
with my mom bugging him constantly to see the bill, and
ended with my mom spending tonight in room 245 of the Motel
6. The only thing different about this fight is that Wyman
was 100% sober.
What I don't understand is that they have been fighting
like this since they have been together, yet they still got
married. Either they have some sick definition of marital
bliss, or they are dependent on each other in some way that
I can't understand, b/c I know that no matter how much I
loved a person, I could never put up with a fight at least
once a week.