My So called crapy life
2001-08-02 01:45:00 (UTC)

August 1st 2001

well todau was not all that grate I got up around ugh 7:10
got ready for my XC Practices I want to run and all but
it's to much running but I'm going to hang in there I will
do the season and have fun and met people! (naomi she is a
close buddy lol) well then i got to it and I was hrting bad
for all the times we ran on Ocean City and then he had to
do a little run around for 25 mins as the other people ran
6 miles and I only had to do 4 with 2 other grls and we
like walked almost the hole time cuz we all hurt bad! and
then I left practice around 9ish ran home got ready for
work cuz I had to start at 10 and I needed the hours. work
was ok not alot of people came in so that was good not for
arbys tho and then I left work about 2ish and had a snack
and I got home and ate some more (Ps. I'm only 113 lbs I'm
not fat and I'm 5'5") and then I got online to talk to
people to do some thing and no one could they were bissy
and that pissed me off for the first time I could do some
thing and they couldn't so I was like fuck em I wint to the
mall and found fellow mall rats and hug out with them and
got kicked out of lots of place. well that was about my
hole day yea sucked I know it was a drag but it's over now
and I'm going to bed cuz I gotta run 7 miles tomaro at are
pagoda! ugh... well bye bye