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2002-10-10 03:21:56 (UTC)

I'm a log Pimp Extraordinaire!

Yes as the topic stated. Lucky the person i log pimped wont
ever read this!
*makes mental note, no more log pimping!!*

I have been rather good today, i got out of bed at a
reasonable hour! I would have gotten out of bed earlier,
and for a few seconds it was all set. Then i decided i
needed the extra 35 minutes sleep.
Petey and i Have net conspiracys. We dont agree on
anything, not even the planning of our conspiracys. We
shall no doubt ruin the irc community given time!
I have lots of things to do today. That being getting
petrol and driving to Willamstown to fill in forms.That
really isnt alot. I should go make spaghetti on toast. I
dont have much food in the house today. Oh and i have to
shop for dinner. And i only have 4 hours in which to do
these things! *YAWN* Cant stop yawning today.
Why is the thought of having spaghetti on toast so
unnappealing? It happens everytime and then i eat it, and
think MMMMMMM i must have spaghetti on toast more often!
This has taken me over an hour to write! i keep forgetting.
Well i have to go drive places now, and fill in forms and