Suzie Q

life with me
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2001-08-02 00:57:30 (UTC)

another boring day

Well, today is wednesday. ive never really liked
Wednesdays. Sure, it is the middle of the week but a
Thursday is always better. Once again today has been just
another boring day. I start back to school Monday, believe
it or not, I'm actually looking forward to that. Mainly
just so I dont have to sit at home all day anymore. Ready
to get back to all my school friends and see what all they
have done over the summer. Or really who is mad at who
over some usual "u stole my b/friend shit" that is always
going on in this town. Anyhow. I haven't talked to Allen
today. (my b/friend) Altough I know he isn't at work this
late. I'm sure he'll tell me that he worked late when he
does call and I'll say okay. I guess I'm not really in the
mood for any drama today. For once. Well, I guess today
hasn't really been to exciting, but maybe tomorrow will be
better. It should, its gonna be a Thursday.


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