married and lonely

all i need
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2001-01-24 02:24:33 (UTC)

dear diary well tonight was..

dear diary

well tonight was great i had the best --- ever, said to so
it was not with my husbon, but he and i have not had sex in
so long, well anyways, it was the guy i talked about last
time, sorry i have not been on in a while but not much has
been going on @ here. although i love my husben every women
knows that you have to be toushed some times. i will not go
in to detail on this entire for there are youge kids
readding these. i find my self thinking of him all the time
and so i thought why not, what i mean is that i found out
that my husbon did the same thing not to long ago, now i
know that it doesn't mean i should of but it's not like i
pland it. but i didn't turn it down ether. well i'll talk
at yall wensday night , but for now i have to look up some
thing so bye bye for know. but don't worry he is coming back at @9:30
so there will most likly be more to come.

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