The Bumper Book Of Dreams
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2001-08-01 22:52:56 (UTC)

Boredom and lack of memory

I had a cool dream that I wanted to share with the world
but I can't for the life of me remember what it's even
about. Oh well, it's not that interesting anyway.

The one thing I hate about summer holidays is the boredom
and seeing as I've been on holiday for even longer ( due to
GCSEs) I think I might well become comatose pretty soon. If
I'm not at work, I'm at home mooching about. All my friends
are either on holiday or digging up their floors?!? so I'm
stuck with shopping with my mum and tennis with my brother
for the next few weeks. Could be worse. I guess when I get
my GCSE results I'll die from the shock of doing so badly.
That, or my mum will kill me for doing so badly. I'm
thoroughly looking forward to disappointing everyone. This
is meant to be a dream diary, but seeing as I can't
remember last nights I figuired I'd just yap about some
stuff. Gonna stop now. Should probably be in bed.

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