Defient By Nature
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2002-10-10 01:44:39 (UTC)

another day.....

blah today was blah.... school is easy and not boring but
hardley exciting. the only thing i have to look forward too
are the girls that i'm infactuated (sp) with at the moment
whos names i will not put on here for fear they will read it
lol :) i have a four day weekend i'm not goin to school
tomorrow cuz of a doctors apointment and then friday is an
inservice day. i'm gonna hang out up town with some ppl and
were gonna like.... do stuff lol i don't know. i'm talking
to some strange girl named chelsie right now i mean shes
really werid :-D lol j/k chels. my mom just got a new house
down where i used to live. i guess she said sumthin to my
grandparents about me not saying anything or asking to live
with them.... i wouldn't mind but the same thing will happen
we'll start fighting again and end up hating each other and
i don't want that to happen again so i'm jus gonna stay
where i am... i'm happy up here i have made alot of friends
and everyone is really cool and nice. ppl are accepting and
non judgemental..... well most of them.... hell the teachers
are even cool. but if i would move back down to cv i would
be in trouble right off the back. for one reason or another.
the group of "friends" i used to hang out with is all into
drugs and shyt now so i have to stay away from them.. i've
done good so far there a hundred miles away lol. there all
into drugs and drinking now... which i want nothing to do
with cuz i'm doin good for myself and that would really just
ruin my life again. i finally got it straight and would like
to keep it this way. i miss my mom and my little brother.. i
wish they would come up and visit but there buisy he plays
soccer and there movin soon so they don't have netime...
hopefully soon. i don't know we'll see. alright i'm gonna go
cuz i'm fricken tired but i'll write more tomorrow peace..