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2002-10-10 01:19:55 (UTC)

The messages towards me on the..

The messages towards me on the poll bring back memories.
They keep making fun of me because I like anime. It's
really funny! Some guy even said he was gay and signed my
name. He's so clever! Nothing much going on with me today.
Tomorrow in Drama we are trying out for roles in that play
I've been talking about. I don't want to and I won't unless
Kaster makes me. I want a small role or 2. I don't wanna
memorize all those lines! Some parts were talking for like
1/2 a page! We only have 17 (I'm assuming school days) days
left for the play and we haven't even done the stage or
choose roles yet. It's going to be madness! The play puts
me to sleep because it's so boring but hey that's just my

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Song: Higher by Creed