The Perils of a Mermaid
2001-08-01 22:09:45 (UTC)

An awful crime

Once upon a time
Somewhere across the land
There was an awful crime
Committed by a man

Lying there on the floor
For all the world to see
There was a wounded woman
and she looked just like me

She would have been pretty
Had her heart not been broke
She said that somewhere in the city
She had met an awful bloke

She said that when they had dated
They had had wonderful talks
They went to resturaunts that were the highest rated
And went on very romantic walks

But after awhile the romance went stale
He wouldn't take her out
He even said the romance would fail
That's how this all came about

The day she said she loved him
Was the day that he implied
That the romance was only a whim
That's when she almost died

She would have given him everything
And never even asked why
But the day he said those hateful things
Was the day she wanted to die

That's when her friends found her
Just after he left
She lying wounded on the floor
They thought it was a theft

Who was it lying there on the floor
For all the world to see
Well if you want to know even more
I'll tell you that it was me