life is just a poker game
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2001-08-01 22:08:52 (UTC)

gotta keep my head up

so, this is such a weird situation. don't remember if i put
down the thing about how tray's always off with his
friends - and i asked him about it - and finally got him to
see where i was coming from - and he said he was sorry for
hurting me. well, have we spent any time together since?
you guessed it. we haven't. and i feel like a psycho bitch,
but damn. he abandoned me.

quite frankly i don't expect to hear from him for quite a
while after i move out. i will be greatly surprised if he
keeps in touch. after all, if he can't speak to me while
we're living in the same place, how's he gonna speak to me
when we're not seeing each other every day?

am thinking about just buying a cell phone instead of
getting hooked up with residential phone service. of
course, that would mean i wouldn't be able to access
anything online from home...but that's ok. i'm going to go
through some serious ass withdrawl, i think. but that's ok.
anyway, back to my original point. then when i do get or
build a computer i could just get digital cable and get
cable access. no bell south. woohoo.

of course, that means i'm going to be without a phone for
the rest of the month, since i'm bitch ass broke.

of course, this also means that i'm going to starve for the
rest of the month as well, since i'm bitch ass broke.

ramen noodles are my friend! gah, i never thought i'd be
getting back to them. but i guess history repeats itself,

this is going to be the first time in my life that i've
ever lived alone.

i still haven't gone to the doc. or the gym.

the new place is about a mile from work so i'll bike i
guess, instead of walking. i hate to drive such a short

i need to come up with some sort of schedule. short term
goals, long term goals, what i need to get accomplished.

this whole apartment thing is so cool. i guess it was meant
to be, did i say that already? i mean, i go look at the
place yesterday. and get it today.

i go.