2002-10-10 00:29:32 (UTC)

Hapy :)

Well the social worker left my house a couple of minutes
ago. The reason why I am happy is because me and my baby
arent mad at each other anymore. It feels so good when you
talk things out and you tell a person how you feel and that
fixes things. Well yesterday me and Freddy got in a fight
where I just ended the convo and basically hung up on him.
It was all a misunderstanding from my part. But thankfully
we talked shit out and now we are okay. Iunno when I am
going to get to talk to him since today he started his job.
I miss him. But the good thing is that he's doing something
with his life. On Friday I think we are gonna go to Knotts
which is really really cool. About the whole my dad thing I
dont know whats up with that. He sent a letter to my mom
telling her to pack all his stuff for him and that when he
got out he was going to send one of his workers to go and
pick his crap up. The social worker told me that if I chose
not to see him that that was fine and that everyone had to
respect my decision. That made me feel good, because with
all of this crap going on no one basically ever asked what
I wanted or really gave a fuck. Everyone just focused on me
locking my dad up and then began to talk shit to me. Not
like it phased me anyways but it was annoying. Now I know
that I dont have to do anything I dont want to do. I have a
voice and now someone is actually listening. For now I know
that I dont want to see my dad. I want to stay away from
him as he does from me. Well thats all for now. Thanx for
tunning in. Love yahz!