LMAO! my life
2002-10-09 23:51:44 (UTC)

god damn

i thought high school would be better than craphole
catholic school. but i was fuckin wrong. i thought that my
friends would still be there, i thought that i would have
fun at maine east, "my best friend was goin, all mah
friends were close at the end of da summer.." it was all
goin good, then a couple of weeks, maybe juss one or two,
stopped talkin to all mah OLR friendz, and the one's at
the same highschool juss found new ones. i hardly talk to
ne one ne more, and it is kinda hard forgettn bout them.
seriously, im juss so sad,mad,and very upset that i lost
all of mah friendships that fast, even wit mah best friend
that goes to the same school, i mean we still talk, but we
dun hang out ne more, hardly talk, thats all. and ian, i
hate him. all dese new ppl are cool.....i dunno i am
seroiusly thinkn of goin to a dif school, cuz i cant stand
maine east. all da gay ppl. thas all. gotta go do homework.