The Story of Me
2001-08-01 21:34:02 (UTC)


I am exhausted. I only got about 4 hours of sleep last
night. Spent the night at Kristy's last night. It's not a
good idea to spend the night at a friends house when they
have to get up early the next morning. Not the way that
Kristy and I chat anyway. We are always up intil 4 or 5 in
the morning talking and looking through bridal magazines.

But it was a good night. Kristy's mom and I had some
bonding time, and it did some good. She told me to come and
visit her while Kristy was away at school, and i told her
that I would. She also told me that I would have to move in
about 6 weeks before Kristy's wedding to help finalize
plans. I told her that I would move in now. She laughed.

But Kristy is gone to Ohio until Saturday. I am stuck "fish
sitting" until then. And I take over responsibilities of
her fish when she goes back to school. I told her if he
dies, then I am NOT going to buy her a new one and pretend
that it's Homer. She doesn't even like him anyway. Haha.

Not much else is new. I'm having a better day than
yesterday. That's always good. The only bad part is people
telling me what I am suffering from. I'll let a doctor do
that, thank you. And I'm making an appointment tomorrow
morning. Ugh. So that means another early day for me
tomorrow. And if all goes as planned, then I will be at the
hospital to get blood work done and all that fun stuff!!
Alright. Sounds like fun.

Well, there might be more later, I'm not sure yet. I hope
that everyone has a great day :)