Vanessa Jo

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2001-08-01 21:30:17 (UTC)

First day of a new month

Ok, I don't know what to write but I feel like
complaining. Not a real update, just more of my terrible
life. I have no job and a car to pay for still. I haven't
been driving so I still have 30 more hours until I can get
my license. I'm really really lazy and I'm so fat I could
cry. And I'm tired of people telling me I am not fat.
Even if I'm not, that is what my mirror tells me so who
cares what other people think. I can't stop thinking about
my ex-boyfriend who I dumped over a year ago. We haven't
talked in a really long time and I would do anything to
hear his voice right now. :( School starts the 28th so
then I'll at least get to see him. If anything changes for
the better, we might start talking again. I can only hope.

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