The White Rose
2001-08-01 21:15:26 (UTC)

Work Profiles (3 of ?)

On the desk behind PH, TW and JM sit three more staff - SC,
DB and NS.

SC started about a year ago. He is very good, and very
personable. He has been helping DB out a lot (DB just
started) and has done a lot of work on a lot of products.
He also learns quickly.
DB started two weeks ago. I don't know him all that well,
but he is a nice enough bloke. He is currently doing the
induction course (we have an induction course that staff
do. Its basic development and database stuff, so that when
someone starts on an actual product we can be sure they are
at a specific skill level) and has done very well on it.
Like JM he makes mistakes (like everyone!) but not the same
NS has been with us about a year or so. (They hired a lot
of staff at the same time) I have just joined his project,
and he appears to know way more than I do about the topic.
He is also very committed (way more than anyone else). This
could be because the project is under the control of CT
(the contractor guy) who is a very hard taskmaster, but it
could just be NS is a hard working guy.

Finally there is SM. He joined late December last year
(2000) and has adapted very well. (He was thrown in at the
deep-end somewhat, but has come up swimming). I haven't
worked with him a great deal, but in our former office I
used to sit opposite him, and while some of his views are a
tad disturbing he is a nice enough guy.

That's pretty much it. The people I work with, and what
their relative roles and positions are in the company.
Looking back I have gone on a tad too much about PH and TW,
but their habbits are *really* annoying. And since I am not
one to gossip about staff in the work place, I have to do
it somewhere or I will go mad. (grin)

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