Nephanie's Life
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2002-10-09 23:10:02 (UTC)


okay today wasn' bad...didn't do my math hw but hey
she doesn't look so i just used an old hw and got full
credit!...i did my english in health in
spainish...and that was all i had to worry about...except
for bio...i forgot to turn in my hw...i was thrown of track
by our field trip we are going on tomorrow...i miss global,
chorus, lunch, and gym, i have all my classes in the
morning which i don't get to miss...that pisses me
off...but w/ least i get to miss gym...tonight i went
out to dinner with my mommie after that we went out for
coffee...i got some tea though and i took it home...took a
nice long bath so soothing...drank my tea..and put on some
pj's (lol funny pj's ya get it?!)...oh i almost forgot in
spanish today we two other girls and myself had a
conversation about someone(*hint**hint* SH)And my mom and i
did to...(muahhahaha)...Yah thats about it....PEACE OUT!

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