The White Rose
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2001-08-01 21:06:57 (UTC)

Work Profiles (2 of ?)

The development teams consists of nine staff. (I might have
said ten before, but that's only because I can't count.
Odd, because its a skill I sometimes really need!). I am
the longest serving, but not the most senior (grin).

When I started the development manager was a guy named
Chris. He left for a job two weeks after I started. Then
they promoted a guy named Mike. I quite liked him - he was
always kind to me, and taught me a great deal of what I
know today. However he was not well liked in the rest of
the office - they constantly took the piss out of him
behind his back - and he was dismissed about a year ago.

The current development manager goes by the name of AC. He
is well liked, and is good at what he does. He is also
ready to help if you have a problem. Over all I think the
company is better off with him in charge, but I do miss
Mike sometimes.

The rest of the staff are all 'equal' - there are no senior
or junoir staff (at the moment. There are apparantly moves
afoot to name some staff 'senior programmers' and
some 'junoir programmers'. This is one of the things I
disagree with - if someone is named as a senior programmer
[and I do have a specific someone in mind, who I will tell
you about later] then there is a chance the power might go
to their head, and they may think they are in charge of the
other staff. And that would be a very bad idea). So I will
deal with them in the order they sit in the office.

Which - oddly enough - starts with me. Like I said I
started two years ago (ish). The other staff member who
quit with Chris got me the job (he says - and to be fair I
was hired from the Civil Service with no commercial
experience in writing software, so he must have talked me
up a little for them to hire me). Aside from the
development side I also took an interest in
updating/formalizing the network structure in the company -
despite my total lack of knowledge in the area - and
earlier this year was made the System Administrator for the
company. (And I am also pretty proud of the fact I got the
internet access and e-mail working properly for the first
time. That was my high point!). According to the GM that
role might be delegated to someone else later on this year -
to give everyone a chance of feeling included in the
company. On one point I think this is a good idea - the
power should not be that centralized in a company as small
as ours - but the main reason I got the SysAdmin role was
because I knew all the answers, and everyone started coming
to me for help. I don't think this is going to change just
because someone else is given the role.

On the desks opposite me there are three developers - PH,
TW and JM.
PH joined about a year ago. He is pretty good at
programming, but whatever talents he has are (in my eyes)
outweighed by a number of annoying habbits. He talks to
himself - quite loudly (you can hear him wherever you are
in the office). He has the second shortest temper I have
ever seen in a person. He will start shouting at the drop
of a hat. He appears to have no sense of tact - he treats
everyone in the company with the same contempt (including
the senior staff, which is quite amusing to watch!). He
hates everything he hasn't written - pretty much all of the
code that was written before he came along is (in his
opinion) crap. He thinks his time is way more important
than anyone elses. Four times in the past two months I have
either approached him with a customer query, or asked him
to answer the phone (for some reason everyone thinks I live
to answer the phone and no one else has to do it) and he
has said 'I am too busy'. Given that customers are our life-
blood, no one is too busy to help them unless they are
performing brain surgery at that moment. Its this last one
most of all that annoys me about him - he is so self
centered that he thinks he is the only one that is busy,
and that it is not his job to answer the phone. I find this
attittude totally contemptable, and have commented on it
once or twice. However being the self-centered being he is
he has paid no attention to me.
TW joined a week after me. There is a lot I could say about
him (he is the one I was afraid of being appointed a senior
developer) but it all comes down to the fact he is
a 'weasal' (as someone else described him). He lies - all
the time. He lies to other developers and to the senior
staff. He also has displayed a continuing tendancy
to 'grass up' staff members that he doesn't like. And he is
very, very vocal about the short-commings of other staff
members. (I realise I am doing this now, but I am doing it
in private. He does it in public, infront of the senior
staff and behind the staff member's back). As a result
there is no one in the company who actually likes him any
more. (There is a theory in wicca that everything you do
comes back to you three times three. TW is a perfect
example of this. He has lied, cheated, back-stabbed and
slagged off so many staff members that every single person
in the company dislikes him and talks about him behind his
back). The biggest problem with this is he managed to sneek
his way in to the network administration role, a role in
which I have to work with him closely. This would not
normally be a problem, but he has trouble accepting that he
is helping me, and that since I am in charge, I get the
blame for everything that goes wrong, and (it therefore
follows) that I want to have a say in everything, and
sometimes I don't want his input. Since the start of the
year we have had two public shouting matchess (neither of
which I started I should point out) and he has lost his
temper with me no less than seven times.
JM started around two months ago. I don't really know him
that well, but he does learn quickly. He makes mistakes,
but he hardly ever makes the same mistake twice, which I
think is the mark of a very good developer.