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2001-08-01 21:01:45 (UTC)


hi everyone! this is my first entry, so i'm gonna try to
make it interesting. i had to go to the eye doctor today:(
it turns out that i have to get glasses. i had them before,
but they don't work anymore, so i hafta get new ones. it
could be worse tho. i picked out some really cute frames, so
that's good. on the way to the doctor my mom got a call
from the doctor. it turns out that jake hasta get a cast. he
gets it on friday. haha for him. he has a bowed fracture or
somethin like that. i'm not sure cuz i wasn't really
listening. i'm really sick of him gettin all of the special
attention! with that surgery that he had earlier, he got all
that special treatment which turned him really lazy, so now
he can't do anything so he's gonna get lazier. ugh! it makes
me so mad cuz he doesn't do anything. my mom said that he
can still play nintendo so that's all that he's gonna be
doing while i'm cleaning the house and all that other stuff.
oh well, i guess i'll live. i don't really have a choice, do
i? cuz i promised chelle that i wouldn't do that, so i'm not
gonna. tonight i get to go to ej's party! that's gonna be
fun, hopefully. i wanna go now. but i can't, so i'll write
in here instead. i hope that chelle can come with to the
mall of america tomorrow! that would make it so much funner
for me to go through that lego thingy and then we get to go
shoppin! woohoo-yay! i hafta find more fun things to do at
the fair! that's gonna be so much fun! i'm getting really
hungry for sweet martha's cookies cuz we've been talkin
about them! i'm definently getting them when i go up there.

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