~My Life... Well, Mostly my "love life"~
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2001-08-01 21:00:46 (UTC)

Thats Life

Ok, if anyone here reads these thingys, you would know that
I happen to have a thing for 2 dudes that are going into
the 8th grade. BUT, now that summer school is over, I
don't ever talk to Blake anymore. BUT, on the next to last
day of summer school, I realized that it wasn't Blake that
I liked, it is Justin. Now, again, my mother has decided
that I can't even talk to him as a FRIEND, which is all
that we were until I messed that up. One day on the
internet, we were instant messaging each other, and I felt
so strongly about him that I absolutely had to tell him how
I feel. Then, his mom gat mad at his friend John, so he
had to get off of the computer. Since he had to get off,
and he still wanted to talk to me, so he asked me for my
number and he called me. We talked for AT LEAST 3 hours
that day, and probably 5 or 6 hours the next day. Then,
the day after that, we talked for 1 or 2. While all of
that was going on, my parents had been out of town, so they
really knew nothing about him talking to me and me talking
to him. When my parents got back, my mother was so upset
that I had only been talking to him as a friend and she
thought that he didn't understand that, even though I just
told him that we should just be friends. I don't know why
she don't understand that most of my friends are guys, and
they all really are. Why she doesn't understand that is
beyond me. And I don't think she is even gonna let me talk
to him on the internet anymore. But, thats life I guess.

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